sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Bled (Slovenia) : Vintgar Gorge in Triglavski National Park

Do you remember the movie "Ice Age", where the squirrel is after a nut and the ice walls crack from top to bottom, and the cold water comes to fill the narrow space between the ice walls? Well, it looks like this part of the movie was inspired in Vintgar Gorge!

This place has rock walls which seems to have been split hundred of thousands of years ago, with an exceptionally crystal clear water (and very very cold, though!) running through its cracks . The water is so clear and so inviting that we tried to get into it, but it was too cold for us. We put our feet into the water up to the knees and in 5 to 10 seconds it all started to hurt the bones as we couldn't feel our toes! (In fact we did see some brave kids in the water, but we promise we will try harder next time.)

Unfortunately this day we forgot to load our camera battery and we had to be satisfied with the amazing images in our memories... and postcard photos! But, in our next trip, we will take an extra camera battery and will get back with cinematographic pictures.

Vintgar Gorge is nearly 4 kilometers from Bled (some people go by bicycle from 'downtown' Bled. As we had a car we just used it!).

Vintgar Gorge with its amazing clear and cold water!

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  1. I read all your posts on this trip. sounds like it was lovely. Very useful recommendations. We are planning a driving trip in Slovenia and will certainly follow your advice. Thank you for sharing.