sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011

Planning your next trip?

We loved our trip to Croatia and Slovenia! Highly recommended places to visit!

Why Croatia and Slovenia?

We were initially looking for a nice and different place, with adventure sports and activities. And we found much more in those Eastern Europe countries: pleasant people, nice food, charming cities and amazing clear water!

If you need a "fast plan to your trip" and you have only a few days to spend, our recommendations are:

- a weekend in Split (Croatia), resting at the nice beaches and visiting Diocletian Palace. Spend one day in Brac island and go to Bol Beach!;


- a weekend in Dubrovnik (Croatia), visit the old town, go kayaking around the walls of the old town, have a nice dinner around the old town.


- a weekend in Bled: take a boat and row to the small island in the middle of that charming lake, visit Bled Castle and take a day tour to Bovec, with canyoning and rafting activities! You will get exausted but absolutely renewed!

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