quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

Bol Beach: Brac Island (Croatia)

Yes, you are right: we will say again that the water is clear and salty! And, yet, with a nice temperature!

Bol Beach is small (or should we say tiny) and very nice place to spend some time in the water, doing some snorkeling, swimming or just laying down on the beach.

The beach has no sand, but small rocks (so you don't get durty home!)

Recommendations: These are not "must do", but would be nice to know upfront:

- snorkeling equipment: you will enjoy having them around;

- waterproof camera or waterproof protection for your camera would be useful;

- swimming shoes: you can buy comfortable swimming shoes to walk on the rocky beaches and also avoid problems with sea urchins. There are some stores or tents on the streets where you can buy swimming rubber shoes for KN $30 to $40 (Kunas), approx. EUR $6 (six Euros).

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