sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Watch out in Croatia and Slovenia: bees!

Croatia is also known for its good honey. Obviously, where there is honey, there is bee! And, yes, there are quite a few bees around in the restaurants and parks.

We were in Croatia and Slovenia during the summer and there were not thousands of bees around, but usually a couple or more bees would appear when you open a bottle of juice, Ice Tea or a soft drink. The bees are always after sweet things.

To be honest, we should say that the bees were not exactly anoying all the time, but we did get a little uncomfortable with some of them around, specially during breakfast in open places. We saw no one being stinged by a bee or any other problem with them, except that they were flying around.

So, ladies, if you are not fan of bees, you should also avoid using perfumes and body moisturizing during your trip, at least during the day!

A bee in Bled, helping us write a post card!

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