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Moving around Croatia and Slovenia

We rented a car in Croatia (Zadar) and traveled around the country up to Slovenia. In fact, we were informed that public transportation was not so good or trustworthy.

Car rentals are not so expensive (nearly EUR 30.00 per day) and we were free to pick or change our destinations as we wanted.  As mentioned before, we did not plan our whole trip at first and some of the cities we visited were based on  recommendations we got from local people. Great recommendations, we should say! 

The roads were great and brand new! (Our trip was in August 2011). Signs on the roads and streets were also very good. We had a GPS (rented with the car - does not worth it) which helped a little - really just a little! Sometimes we preferred to follow our insticts and maps rather than following the GPS directions.

In order to cross Croatia from North to South you will find basically two main roads: the coastal and the express road. The coastal road (8) has a nice view of the Croatian coast but with a lower speed limit. The highway (A1 / E71/ E65) is better if you are looking for a fast way to get from one place to another. You will have to pay toll in the express road.

So, in addition to the distances between cities, pay attention to the roads you will use when planning the time distance of your trip. Google Maps may give you a good estimation of time for both roads. Usually the coastal road takes double the time. Beside, highways are so good and calm that you can drive very fast! Really!!

Here´s another precious tip anywhere you go in the world: get good maps! In Croatia and Slovenia, as in most European countries, you can find free maps at Hotels, Information Centers and, of course, you can always count on Google Maps (wonderful tool!)

Ferry Boats are also a good way, or sometimes, the only alternative to get to nice islands. Get informed about the time schedule and prices. It is recommended to arrive at least one hour ahead from ferry departure. Ferry rides take nearly 1 or 2 hours from continent to the island, depending on your destination.

You will need to 'park' your car in the ferry line, get out of the vehicle, and go to the ferry ticket center to buy your ticket. (This was something new for us! In Brazil, you don't have to leave your car. You just stay in line and you get your ferry ticket before getting inside the ferry, just as a toll cabin on the roads).

You can check the time schedules and prices of the ferries at: 

And you can always ask for information. Croatian and Slovenian people are very kind and will be pleased to help you.

We did not speak Slovenian or Croatian language, even though we tried to learn some basic words, but most people (specially young) speak fluent English. As there are lots of Italian turists, most Croatian and Slovenian people also speak Italian. No matter which language you speak, Slovenian and Croatian people will do their best effort to communicate with you and get you what you want.

About internet, in most hotels and Villas (family owned) in Croatia and Slovenia, you will find free internet available. However, in some, signal quality may be poor inside rooms.

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